“No Bar Seating”


“Must be Seated When Eating or Drinking”

Debbie and I have missed our favorite restaurants, cafes and coffee shops these past couple months. But even as our eateries re-open their dining rooms, we know they’ll look and feel much different—and probably be branded with a lot of signs like these.

Even patrons are being asked to stay vigilant as they dine—to observe how restaurants are conducting business so they can ensure their own safety. The Kansas City Star recently recommended that diners look for a few specific things as they’re seated:

“Is it following social distancing guidelines? … Are employees wearing masks? Servers in Kansas City are required to … Is the restaurant using disposable or cleanable laminated menus? Is there hand sanitizer available for customers and staff?”

From seating arrangements to new staff protocols, restaurant owners and operators have a lot to consider as you work to run your business efficiently while also protecting your customers and your staff. While we can’t help you move tables around to meet those social distancing guidelines, here are a few ways you can modify your menus and printed material so you can at least check that off your list:

Switch to cleanable menus – In addition to traditional paper, menus can also be easily produced using tear-proof and waterproof synthetic (plastic) stock. Not only is this material durable and able to withstand night after night of handling and spills but they can be easily cleaned and sanitized between every customer.

Invest in high-quality disposable menus – Single-use menus don’t have to look cheap. Explore the variety of paper stock options that will represent your brand well while also giving you an affordable and simple way to meet many of the local and state recommendations for restaurants. And because throwing away that many menus isn’t the best thing for the environment, a number of recycled paper options are available to make that impact a little less.

tamper-proof delivery bags

Elevate your delivery – Stand apart in a sea of delivery drivers – and provide peace of mind to your customers – with customized tamper-proof paper bags. These unique bags include a tamper-safe closure with a sealable strip and wide gussets to accommodate your takeout containers. The best part is these bags can be printed and customized with your brand, and are available in a wide variety of paper stock options. Customers are already demanding this type of packaging, and these bags work well to release steam while still maintaining quality.

Menus mean more

Even in the middle of a pandemic, your restaurant’s menu is like a business card, communicating that first impression of your brand and your values—not to mention the talents of your culinary team. Just because the current situation calls for some modifications, there’s no reason you can’t maintain the quality of your menus just as you’re maintaining the quality of your food.

We can’t help erect Plexiglass barriers or pass out masks for your servers, but let us know if we can help make your menus mean a little more during this time of transition.

Oh, and save a table for Debbie and me—we’re hungry.

Dan Woehrman is owner of Callender Printing, offering full-service printing capabilities – including letterpress, offset and digital – with union craftsmen quality. Share your thoughts on Facebook or on Twitter @CallenderPrint.