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Full-service printing 

Callender Printing has flourished for more than 100 years by providing competitive pricing, union craftsmen quality, and personal one-on-one service to its loyal base of customers. Established in 1893, Callender Printing is proud to be a union printing company signatory to the Greater Kansas City Allied Printing Trades Council.

We know that price is important to our customers.  Over 100 years of quality service have afforded us the ability to deliver the best service in the commercial printing industry paired with competitive low prices.  We invite you to contact us with your commercial printing jobs. We will put together a fair low price bid that will make you a hero with the boss. By the way, the great personal service is absolutely free with your purchase and that can just be our little secret.

Our team members are seasoned Allied Printing Trades union members that have been formally trained to meet Callender Printing’s exacting standards for production and presentation.  High quality printing should not surprise you – it is the only way we will allow finished product to leave our building! For generations, our loyal customers have come to expect the print quality they only get from Callender Printing. You’ll love the way your project looks when it comes from Callender Printing.

Your project will be produced right here in Kansas City, Kansas.  Our unique one stop printing solution delivers the finished product directly to each customer on time, on budget, to your specs right to your door step.  

Real customer service is a relationship built on trust and SUPERIOR customer service means we know each other’s names, e-mail addresses, and voices on the phone. Our customers rave about the old-fashioned level of service they get every single day from Callender Printing. Let’s start a new relationship today!

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