Mailing services

Make your mark through the mail

Effectively promoting your business or campaign in the community means getting your message in the hands of your customers. If you need to mail your printed piece, we offer comprehensive services – from lists to bar codes to postage – so you can feel confident your message doesn’t get lost in the mail.

Direct Mail Mailing Lists

  • Mailing list processing
  • CASS™ certification – This process helps us drastically improve the accuracy of the postal codes that appear in your mailing list.
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) checks – We’ll compare your list with this database to ensure everything’s up-to-date.

Direct Mail Preparation Services

We’ll handle all the legwork to ensure your piece gets prepared for the post office, including:

  • Laser and inkjet addressing
  • Application of tabs and stamps (if needed)
  • Insertion in envelopes
  • Bar coding
  • Postage estimates

Direct Mail Sending Options

  • Standard presorted
  • First-class presorted
  • Bulk mailing
  • Nonprofit bulk

    Mailing Consultation

    We know navigating the postal service and the myriad options can be challenging. Whether you’ll be using an envelope or printing the address directly on your piece, we’ll make recommendations on your design to ensure your message gets to its recipient on time and at the lowest rate possible.