Union printer in Kansas City

Quality from seasoned Allied Printing Trades union members

Our team members are highly skilled Allied Printing Trades union members who have been formally trained to meet Callender Printing’s exacting standards for production and presentation. High-quality printing should not surprise you—it’s the only way we’ll allow a finished product to leave our building!

For generations, our loyal customers have come to expect the print quality they only get from Callender Printing and skilled union craftsmen. We know you’ll love the way your project looks when it comes from Callender.

Kansas City-born, serving our area

Your project will be produced right here at our print shop in Kansas City, Kansas. Our unique one-stop printing solution delivers the finished product directly to each customer on time, on budget, to your specs, right to your doorstep.  

They get it right the first time; you don’t have to go back. Plus, we get the turnaroud time that we need.

Bill Creeden

International Secretary/Treasurer, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers