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Finding the right printing partner creates a distinct bond, one built on reliability and trust, and on service and loyalty. It’s all about getting it right the first time and standing behind your work—and your word.

Located in downtown Kansas City, Kansas, for more than a century, Callender Printing offers full-service capabilities – including letterpress, offset and digital – with union craftsmen quality. From business cards to banners, booklets to brochures, you can expect meticulous workmanship and quick turnaround, all customized to your needs. It’s quality that’s easy to spot and an approach that’s built to last.

From choosing the paper and binding to design and layout recommendations, we leverage our decades of experience to ensure every job meets our high standards and no detail escapes attention. And the same familiar faces mean you’ll always know who you’re working with. Here at Callender, that’s our signature—a watermark of quality and commitment since 1893. 

Our History

E.R. Callender Printing Company Inc. opened its doors on 5th Street in Kansas City, Kansas, in 1893. The owner, Ed Callender, was using the old letterpress system of printing—first with wooden type fonts and later switching to lead to service Kansas City-area businesses. Over the years, the company stayed in the Callender family with multiple generations of Callenders growing the business with local team members and contributing to the community. Callender Printing moved to the current building, built in 1954, on Nebraska Avenue in downtown Kansas City, Kansas and still serves the company well.  

In 1988, Callender Printing was sold to Jim Woehrman, thus starting a new line of ownership. Jim passed the company’s reigns on to his son, Dan, when he and his wife, Debbie, purchased the business in November 2005. Jim remains a well-known printing industry veteran in the Kansas City area, even after his passing in 2015.

Today, Dan leads the business with an experienced staff of union printers and team members, using the latest printing technologies in letterpress, offset and digital printing—allowing them to deliver the right job, at the right price, and at the right time!

They’re very friendly, very efficient—and honest. Especially in this day and age, nobody knows what anything really costs. They’re just way more honest to me. Nicolas Mermet

General Manager, Westport Cafe & Bar

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