Finish strong with printing finishes

Our process doesn’t always stop at the press. We offer a range of coatings to enhance your printed piece, while also adding durability and scuff-resistance. Whether you’re printing a postcard that must endure the rigors of the postal system or a business card that needs to hold up inside a wallet – or just want to draw more attention to your logo on a brochure – consider one of our coating options to add that final touch.

Aqueous Coating

Offering a high-gloss or matte finish, aqueous coating is a clear, water-based finish typically added to the entire piece to provide a layer of protection. This added durability to scuffs and marks makes it a great option for business cards as well as postcards and other direct mail pieces.

UV Coating

Cured through the application of UV light, which dries and hardens the coating, UV coating offers the highest gloss finish that’s available. Consider the use of spot UV, which is a great way to call attention to certain elements on your piece to draw the reader’s eye.


    Available in high gloss, satin or matte, this coating is available as a flood varnish (covering the whole page) or as a spot varnish (to highlight a certain area of the page). Basically a clear ink, varnishes are versatile and typically less expensive than other finishing options.

      Soft Touch Coating

      Soft Touch coating lives up to its name, providing a velvet-like feel to your piece and offering an additional tactile experience that makes print so effective. With a low sheen, this is a great option for presentation folders, book covers, packaging, or other promotional pieces that would benefit from the luxurious and unique feel.